Tracking more heat, humidity and storms for the rest of the week

A classic Summer week in progress

Tracking strong storms - radar update 10:45 pm

Tuesday 11 PM Update: A line of strong storms is working its way across central Alabama. Some of these storms contain hail, strong winds, frequent lightning and heavy downpours, so they may jolt you awake in the middle of the night. Rest easy knowing this is not a tornado set-up! We expect the line to weaken and dissipate as it heads towards the eastern part of the state.

Earlier Update:

The more things change, the more they stay the same. Alabama’s weather won’t change very much over the next few days (or weeks, or months). Expect a classic Summer casserole for the rest of the week. You know the recipe, don’t you?


1 cup clouds

8 cups blistering sunshine

10 cups overwhelming humidity

10 cups heat

1 cup scattered thunderstorms

5 cups cool, comfortable air


First, take the 5 cups of cool, comfortable air. Put them in an airtight container and set them aside. You won’t use these until October. Then, in a large bowl, blend the rest of the ingredients together until you reach the consistency of pea soup. Boil the combination in a stock pot. Let it cool to an uncomfortably hot temperature that will stop just short of burning your skin, then pour it over your head.

Repeat the process until mid-late September.

Tonight's forecast
Tonight's forecast

As for tonight, your midnight snack will be the leftovers from the above recipe. It will be warm and muggy in the 70s, and showers/storms will favor southern and western counties. Some storms in west Alabama are possible of containing strong, gusty winds and hail.

The coverage of rain will dip slightly Wednesday and Thursday, as an upper ridge extends into the state. But, that won’t last long. Moisture levels increase Friday and Saturday, so those two days will see a slight increase in rain coverage. There’s no need to cancel any outdoor plans, though; it won’t rain all day, and some of us will miss out on the rain entirely. Others get the downpours.

The one consistent part of the forecast - it will stay hot and muggy. Highs each day will reach the low/mid 90s through the middle of next week (and probably beyond).

7 Day
7 Day

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