Major growth continues in Pike Road

Major growth continues in Pike Road

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) - Pike Road officially became a town in 1997, and what began as a small farming community quickly turned into the booming town many know and love.

Pike Road Mayor Gordon Stone said when he became mayor in 2004, the town’s population was 250.

“We’re projecting that we’ll be over 10,000 (people) when the census comes back in 2020,” Stone said.

Stone said when he first became mayor, the town had 20 neighborhoods, but now, it has over 70. Stone said he believes Pike Road is one of the fastest growing cities in Alabama.

“It’s still going steady, and when you compare what we have in Pike Road to the growth of other cities around the state, we’re still exceeding most of their growth rates," Stone said.

With the influx of people, came an influx of businesses.

“People are finding new ways to serve the growth that’s in our area. For example, we just had a new coffee shop open up. We also have a number of unique local restaurants that are positioned across Pike Road,” Stone said.

Businesses like Sweet Creek Farm Market. Sweet Creek Farm Market has been open for three years, and since opening, the market’s owner said business is booming.

“Every day, it’s just getting bigger and bigger,” Reed Ingram, Sweet Creek Farm Market’s owner, said.

Business has been so good that Ingram had to expand the market to meet the people’s needs.

“We’ve bought the lot next to us. We’ve expanded our porches, and our kitchen and we’re always trying to grow and be able to provide a good service for the customers," Ingram said.

When Ingram first opened Sweet Creek Farm Market three years ago, he had eleven employees, but now, Ingram has over 70 employees.

“Indirectly, we have about 170 to 180 jobs. We have 43 egg farmers and we have people that are growing our produce for us,” Ingram said.

Aside from the businesses, another reason for the town’s continued growth, Stone said, is its education system. In 2015, the Pike Road school system was created, and next year, the school system will be graduating its first class.

“We started with a K-8 school in 2015 and we had over 850 students the first year. Next year, we’ll graduate our first 12th grade class," Stone said.

Stone said he believes the city will continue to grow over the next few years and that the current growth is just a prelude of what’s to come.

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