Homeless find hope at 9th annual River Region Connect

Annual event to help homeless held at Cramton Bowl multiplex

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) - Overlooking Cramton Bowl from the Multiplex, the game of life can be harsh and brutal.

“When you’re a kid, you never expect to be homeless," said Christy Allen.

Allen knows all about it. She is a victim of domestic abuse.

“Hope to be loved," she said.

Allen hoped to find that love and encouragement at the River Region Connect.

“We’re only one event away from being homeless," said Tasha Cooper, head of Hands On River Region, a co-sponsor for the 9th annual event geared towards helping the homeless change their direction.

It is a a step-by-step process.

“When they first walk in, they will receive a hygiene kit and everybody will get fed today," said Cooper.

People, like Christy Allen, found more than 40 vendors offering services such as free medical and legal advice. Allen admitted she was nervous.

”I got to talk about the abuse in my marriage," she said.

“There is no one face of homeless. There are many faces, many walks of life," said Cooper.

On any given night in the River Region, at least 100 people are living on the streets. Some of them were present Thursday.

“Our goal is permanent residence but it may start out at a shelter first," said Cooper. “There are people who want change and want to help themselves.”

Midway through her time here, Allen began to feel more comfortable, more hopeful her fortunes will change for the better.

”To see people helping people makes you happy," said Allen.

Happy and grateful for a chance to begin anew.

“I want to do better,” she said.

The very key for a game-changer.

Tasha Cooper tells WSFA 12 News upwards of around 200 homeless people are living in shelters in the River Region.

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