‘Weed and Seed’ initiative moving forward in Selma

'Weed and Seed' initiative moving forward in Selma

SELMA, Ala. (WSFA) - The efforts of the Weed and Seed initiative is moving forward in Selma. This program is connected to a grant to rid the area of crime, but also reinvest in the community.

Davis Henry is proud to call Selma home, but understands the city has its challenges.

“It has great people. It has a lot of potential and a lot of history. It’s a town that has a lot to offer and unfortunately gets a bad rap,” said Davis Henry.

As a resident and business owner he says he’s hopeful with the efforts of the Weed and Seed program.

“It gives a lot of help from the federal government cleaning up crime and dealing with some issues that have plagued Selma for a long time,” said Henry.

Henry along with dozens of other residents met at Barrett Road United Methodist Church for the Ward 1 community meeting. As part of this meeting Councilman Bowline invited weed and seed program representatives to share about how the community can get involved.

“Without people’s involvement it will not be successful,” said Maggie Drake-Peterson, Weed and Seed program executive director.

Maggie Drake-Peterson, Executive Director of the program, says since U.S. Attorney Richard Moore announced the $1 million grant work has been done to ensure law enforcement in Selma and Dallas County have the resources they need. The purpose of meeting with residents is to show them the role they play in creating a safe environment.

“If you see a crime being committed call the police, that is the beginning. Also residents must take the initiative themselves. If there is trash outside of your home pick it up,” said Drake-Peterson.

“We are just custodians of the city until the next generation comes along,” said Councilman Carl Bowline.

Councilman Carl Bowline is excited to see Ward 1 lead the way by contributing to the process.

“What I hope we come out of these meetings with us a little more structure as far as having block captains and having a method to reporting crime. This is what is great, having them at the table and looking at situations where they see something happening in the neighborhood. I hope to see us gel little more as a community. When we work together we get a lot more done,” said Bowline.

Drake Peterson says there are plans to speak to residents in Selma’s 7 other wards at the invitation of the council members.

The Weed and Seed Board will work to determine how to allocate the funding. The Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs, or ADECA, is administering the grant.

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