Elmore County sheriff shares tips to avoid angry drivers after Prattville road rage

Elmore County sheriff shares tips to avoid angry drivers after Prattville road rage

ELMORE COUNTY, Ala. (WSFA) - One national study shows more than 60 percent of traffic fatalities are caused by aggressive driving.

While no one died in a recent road rage case in Prattville, Elmore County Sheriff Bill Franklin has investigated his share in recent years.

“It’s nothing to see people to get aggravated in a construction zone," said Franklin.

The woman allegedly involved in the Prattville case was booked in the Elmore County Jail and has posted her $5,000 bond. 35-year-old Meleah Lauren Dollar-Gearreald faces a felony charge of second degree assault.

“Nowadays it’s so much traffic on the road Elmore County is getting more and more voluminous in traffic," said Franklin.

“It’s a lot more overcrowded today in terms of our society," said Dr. Lisa Cothran, an Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology at Alabama State University.

The issue at its core is self-control, something many drivers seemingly had 50 years ago but not today. The encounters are often deadly and so unnecessary.

“A lot more people own cars now than did 50 years ago and those two things alone would increase the likelihood. Social media and how popular it is to share these types of incidences and unfortunately how voyeuristic people can be when it comes to these incidences," said Dr. Cothran.

The sheriff and Cothran say a few tips to remember can go a long way in taking the sting out of a threatening situation, tips such as controlling your emotions, remember the other person has loved ones as well, don’t become an aggressive driver and obey traffic laws.

“Last thing you want to do is try to confront these people,” said Franklin.

And above all, let it go.

The American Automobile Association says it’s linked more than 12,000 injuries to driver violence since 2007. The male victim motorcyclist in the Prattville suffered non-life threatening injuries.

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