Gov. Ivey to hold ceremonial signing for 22 bills

Gov. Ivey to hold ceremonial signing for 22 bills
In this WSFA 12 News file photo from March 2019, Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey signs into law a bill that will raise the state's fuel taxes by 10 cents over the next three years. (Source: WSFA 12 News)

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) - Gov. Kay Ivey will hold a ceremonial bill signing Wednesday afternoon for nearly two dozen pieces of legislation that were passed during the recent 2019 legislative session.

Below are summaries of each bill, as provided by the governor’s office.

The bills will be signed at approximately 2 p.m. in the Old House Chamber of the Alabama State Capitol.

  • HB 216 - This bill phases in the requirement that each public K-12 school in the state offers courses in computer science. (Act 2019-389)
  • HB 388 - This bill establishes the Alabama Literacy Act; to implement steps to improve the reading proficiency of public school K-3 students and ensure that those students are able to read at or above grade level by the end of the third grade by monitoring the progression of each student from one grade to another, in part, by his or her proficiency in reading. (Act 2019-523)
  • HB 570 - This bill provides that an individual who completes an apprenticeship may be granted an occupational license in that trade if the individual also meets other requirements, including passing any required exams; and to allow in-school youth apprentices to work in certain occupations under certain conditions. (Act 2019-527)
  • SB 295 - This bill creates the Alabama Industry Recognized and Registered Apprenticeship Program Act; establishes the Alabama Office of Apprenticeship to certify registered and industry recognized apprenticeship programs; and provides incentives to employers who hire apprentices. (Act 2019-506)
  • SB 425 - This bill establishes guidelines for the use of buprenorphine in nonresidential medication assisted treatment programs. (Act 2019-500)
  • HB 59 - This bill provides that murder of a first responder would be a capital offense; the bill also includes if the victim was a law enforcement officer, prison guard, or first responder in the list of aggravating circumstances to be considered at sentencing for a capital offense. The bill is named after William Buechner, an Auburn police officer who was killed in the line of duty in May of this year. (Act 2019-514)
  • SB 102 - This bill exempts agricultural work dogs and hunting dogs when hunting wild game from state or local leash and restraint laws. (Act 2019-486)
  • HB 381 - This bill amends current law to include nurse practitioners and physician assistants in the list of people legally authorized to provide medical or mental health services to a person who is physically or mentally unable to consent under certain conditions. (Act 2019-355)
  • SB 324 - This bill extends limited civil liability immunity to soil and water conservation district supervisors and employees who loan or rent equipment and supplies for the conservation of soil resources and for the prevention and control of soil erosion. (Act 2019-191)
  • SB 240 - This bill authorizes a probate judge to appoint up to two high school or college students to work as unpaid student interns at each polling place in the county on election day. (Act 2019-476)
  • HB 247 - This bill reduces the required notice a probate judge is required to give prior to each election and the time frames for the time and place for holding primary runoff elections. (Act 2019-318)
  • SB 208 - This bill redirects the distribution of proceeds of sales of Alabama Association of Realtors distinctive license plates from the Alabama Children’s Trust Fund to the Alabama Realtors Foundation. (Act 2019-138)
  • HB 419 - This bill establishes the Financial Institution Excise Tax Reform Act of 2019; provides for an estimated payment system and an alternate distribution formula to pay the counties and municipalities on a quarterly basis as opposed to a yearly basis. (Act 2019-284)
  • SB 308 - This bill excludes tent camping spaces, marine slips, and recreational vehicles from the transient occupancy tax. (Act 2014-387)
  • HB 138 - This bill provides civil immunity to people who provide transportation to a health care facility or health care provider in certain circumstances. (Act 2019-450)
  • HB 224 - This bill authorizes the town of Dauphin Island to establish 3 entertainment districts. (Act 2019-185)
  • HB 289 - This bill provides specific circumstances under which an individual acting as an economic development professional is not considered a lobbyist. (Act 2019-052)
  • HB 360 - This bill provides for supplemental insurance coverage for firefighters and volunteer firefighters with cancer under certain conditions and exempts payments from coverage or premiums for the coverage from state income tax. (Act 2019-361)
  • HB 212 - This bill, the Anti-Road Rage Act, requires a vehicle traveling on an interstate highway to travel in the right lane unless passing another vehicle with certain exceptions. (Act 2019-515)
  • SB 26 - This bill creates the crime of voyeurism. (Act 2019-481)
  • HB 566 - This bill allows public K-12 schools to donate surplus, non-expired food to charitable organizations whose purpose is to redistribute food to needy students. (Act 2019-526)
  • HB 506 - This bill allows for a public K-12 emergency teaching certificate to be valid for two years. (Act 2019-364)

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