Home builders working to preserve home mail delivery

Alabama Home Builders Association pushing back against USPS

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) - Alabama home builders are continuing efforts to preserve home mail delivery. These efforts are in response to the United States Postal Service’s mandate requiring mail delivery to cluster mailbox units in new residential developments and commercial developments.

In one east Montgomery subdivision you won’t find a single curbside mailbox. Instead a USPS worker delivers mail to a cluster box unit. A method resident Cori Noble says is inconvenient.

“It is aggravating. I have to walk behind these houses and check my mailbox. I want a mailbox in my yard,” said Noble.

It is also raising red flags for homebuilders.

“We can’t think of any good reason to stop door-to-door delivery,” said Alabama Home Builders Association President David Lisenby.

Lisenby says this mandate by the USPS requires centralized delivery in new residential developments, adding what he calls “unnecessary expenses” for the developer.

“It is up to a developer to find space for it, allocate resources for it, parking for it lighting for it,” said Lisenby.

According to the postal service, this policy was implemented nationwide back in 2012. Since then HBAA has been pushing back on the consumers behalf.

“It may work in areas in the Northeast, where it has been widely accepted, but in the rural South it just doesn’t fit," said Alabama Home Builders Association Regulatory Affairs Director Jason Reid.

With the help of the National Association of Home Builders, Alabama congressional leaders are being urged to support House Resolution 23 aimed at preserving home mail delivery in new residential developments.

“Representative Sewell has already stepped out front and signed on a co-sponsor. We want to make sure the rest sign on as well,” said Reid. “Let us choose based on the market conditions of each neighborhood what delivery method works.”

The USPS sent us this statement:

The Postal Service is proud to continue its vital role in today’s changing mail environment. We are directed by statute to provide reliable and efficient service. One way we do that is through use of centralized delivery, utilizing Cluster Box Units (CBU) as the preferred method of delivery, with rare exception, for all new residential and commercial developments. CBUs have the advantage of being “package friendly,” in that they are designed to accommodate the majority of packages delivered through the U.S. mail.
Unites States Postal Service

The HBAA has created a website where consumers can learn more about this issue, sign a petition voicing their opposition of the USPS’ cluster mailbox mandate, and contact their members of Congress to urge them to support HR 23.

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