August is here, but will we get the rain we desperately need?

If you just believe the statics and long term forecasts, the answer looks to be no

August is here, but will we get the rain we desperately need?
Showers and storms are expected to continue all day! (Source: Pixabay/stock image)

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) - The new month of August is upon us, but just because we flipped the page on the calendar doesn’t mean we can escape the fact it’s dry across Alabama and we desperately need more rain.

Unfortunately, July wasn’t good to us. Rainfall totals were 0.97″ below normal for the month, only enhancing our current drought situation.

This past Tuesday the 30th was the wettest day of last month (the Montgomery airport received 2.08″ of rain) and this one afternoon accounted for over 50 percent of our rainfall during the month of July!

One wet day won’t make up for the fact that statically this is not a time of year were a lot of rain is likely... August is known to be a very dry time for our area. In fact, it’s usually tied with September as the 3rd driest month of the year; we, on average, only see 3.98″ of rain during this 31 day period.

To find an average you need to have a set of data, so we looked all the way back to 1900. Over an 118 year period, you can imagine some months we wetter than others. The wettest of all? That would be August 1939: 15.58″ of measurable rain was recorded in the Capital City. On the other end of the spectrum the driest August was back in 1925, where only 0.44″ fell.

Ask anyone in Alabama right now and they will all tell you the same thing: it’s dry and more rainfall is needed, desperately. The most recent drought monitor came out early Thursday morning and the newest data proves the previous statement is true... over 30% of our state is in some type of drought, with extreme southeastern counties being listed under severe drought conditions.

As if we weren’t already in a bad spot, the long-term forecast does not look encouraging. Our 7 day forecast keep coverage of rain near 20 to 40 percent each day, and the 8 to 14 day outlooks points to a near normal amounts of rainfall.

As mentioned earlier, August is not known to be a wet month, so it looks like we all need to start doing our rain dances ASAP!

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