A classic August pattern continues...

Heat, humidity and scattered afternoon rain

Josh's Monday afternoon update

Expect more of the same as the first week of school cranks up (for most of us) - dry, muggy mornings; hot, humid afternoons and some scattered rain and thunderstorms popping up each day. It won’t rain all day, nor will it rain on everyone, but some of our more lucky locales will get a quick splash of rain in the afternoon or early evening. While it could interrupt your plans, the overall net impact is usually positive. We need the rain badly, parts of the state are over one foot behind in the rainfall department. And, the afternoon storms cool us down, even if temporarily.

That said, we could all do without the loud thunder, dangerous lightning and gusty wind that these storms produce.

No major changes this week or weekend - the coverage of rain will bounce up and down a bit from day to day, but the overall flavor is a typical Summer week around here. Highs each day soar into the low and mid 90s, and the chance of a passing afternoon shower or storm stays in the 30-40 percent range each day.

In the tropics, it’s remarkably quiet. The quiet trend will continue for the foreseeable future, as dry air and wind shear remain entrenched over the Atlantic Basin. Fine by me!

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