Montgomery maintenance workers credited with saving woman’s life

City workers save woman run over by car

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) - Two City of Montgomery employees are credited with saving a woman's life.

Darryl Franklin and Lee McWilliams are part of a crew that cuts ditches for the city. They were working in a woman’s backyard Aug. 1 when they asked her to move her truck.

The two men said they needed her to move the vehicle so they could pull branches out of her backyard. The men say the woman got in her truck, but got back out before reversing out of the driveway.

“She tried to get out and put it in park, but she put in reverse. The truck started backing up...she tried to hold the truck,” Franklin recalled.

Franklin and McWilliams saw the woman was suddenly pinned under her truck and ran to help.

Franklin says while McWilliams put the truck in drive and pulled it off of the woman, he pushed from the back and tried to keep her head from the tire.

The men say the woman suffered several injuries and is now recovering at home. They have visited with her since the accident.

“We went by, took her flowers, and just talked to her for a minute,” said Franklin.

While their actions were heroic, the men don’t consider themselves heroes.

“Hopefully anyone would have done it in that situation.” McWilliams added.

The Montgomery City Council recognized the men for their quick reaction to what could have been a terrible tragedy.

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