ACS to expand transportation facility; looking for more drivers

Auburn City Schools expanding transportation facility

AUBURN, Ala. (WSFA) - Auburn City Schools transportation department has 100 buses, 180 bus routes, 100 employees, including drivers, directors, and mechanics, and only one small meeting facility. That’s why officials are looking to expand.

Officials are hoping to have a design completed in September. They’re going to receive bids and award a contract in October and then start construction in December. They’re hoping to have the entire process completed by May 2020.

“This is a facility that we’ve outgrown as we take on more staff, more bus drivers,” said Auburn City Schools Public Relations Specialist Daniel Chesser. “As we add to the school system, we add more schools, more children, more routes, it just comes along with growth. As we get closer to outgrowing this, we need this facility for professional development, training, and just simply meeting space.”

The estimated cost of the expansion is $750,000 but officials say they’re hoping the bid comes in lower. Chesser says the space will definitely be worth the price tag.

“When the bus drivers come in first thing in the morning, this is where they meet. This is the hub of daily activity for our transportation department," said Chesser. "We’ve just reached a point where this is not adequate space. We need this facility for professional development, training, and just simply meeting space.”

But that's not all they need, with the school system expanding and classes already back in session, officials say there's an immediate need to hire more bus drivers.

“We are actively seeking more,” said Chesser. “We’ve done some advertising on social media. It’s a part-time job that offers health benefits. A CDL license is required to be a bus driver but we do all that training here on-site.”

Anyone interested in becoming a bus driver for Auburn City Schools is encouraged to contact the central office. That number is 334-887-2100.

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