Task force created to help Northwest Auburn

Task force created to help Northwest Auburn

AUBURN, Ala. (WSFA) - Auburn Ward 1 Councilwoman Connie Fitch Taylor was a part of Mayor Ron Anders’ Diversity and Inclusion Task Force, but wanted more for her ward.

“I wasn’t pleased with the direction it was going in," Taylor said. “It was pretty much eliminating northwest Auburn, so I wanted to come up with something we could be a part of.”

Mayor Anders is supporting her decision.

“Northwest Auburn has certainly some unique circumstances there that Councilwoman Taylor felt like needed some specific address, and I respect that and understand that. So she has taken that task on with great energy and enthusiasm and I plan to do everything that I can to help her,” he said.

Taylor started the Northwest Auburn Task Force in hopes of impacting the community. She says she wants to see less crime, and focus on thriving households and businesses.

“My motto for this task force is ‘We’ll never move forward if we keep looking back’, and I’m wanting everyone to stand strong by that motto. As a community leader, I would like to bring the community back together,” she explained.

Residents in Northwest Auburn say that they appreciate the councilwoman’s efforts and would like to see some positive change in the community.

“I saw so much that needed to be done in my own community, but I’m only one person. We got someone that’s willing to fight,” Northwest Auburn resident Erica Benson admitted.

She says one of the biggest issues in that area is developers coming in and buying up land.

“Contractors coming over there building. So that’s one of the main things is keeping the community intact. It’s history,” she added.

The next Northwest Auburn task force meeting is at the Boykin Center on Sept. 10 at 6 p.m. The meetings are open to everyone, even residents outside of Northwest Auburn.

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