Mother of 2013 homicide victim speaks out against recent gun violence

Mother speaks out after Thursday's fatal shooting

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) - The mother of a Montgomery homicide victim who has spent years advocating for non-violence is speaking out in response to the recent gun violence in the area.

Nearly six years have passed since Torian Hamilton lost her son in a shooting at Centennial Hill Bar and Grill.

“I have missed Timnarius smile," said Hamilton.

While some say time heals all wounds it hasn’t for her family.

“He has a 7-year-old brother that speaks about him all the time. He will never get that elderly brother love back, hug back," said Hamilton.

Hamilton has pressed forward turning her pain into triumph. Following her sons death she started, Positive Parents Have Power, a non-profit advocating to end of gun violence. She says with recent incidents of gunfire ringing out in Cloverdale, a road rage shooting in the Blount Elementary parking lot, a fatal shooting near the campus of ASU, and the death of a 7-year-old in his own home on Coronet Drive has many are concerned.

“Safety is what we don’t feel anymore,” said Hamilton.

And it is not just city officials who she believes is responsible for finding a solution. Hamilton says in order to see a change in this community and a stop to the violence it will take the entire community.

“All of us share the same blood and that is red and it hurts me and affects me and we need to all come together in prayer unity and love,” said Hamilton.

Hamilton fells there are several practical things that could be done to curb the violence including more neighborhood involvement, the city taking another look at a curfew for minors, and the creation of more family centered events around Montgomery.

To learn more about Positive Parents Have Power click here.

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