New development coming to Auburn

Demolition making way for student housing in Auburn

AUBURN, Ala. (WSFA) - Around the end of August, Chick-Fil-A and Domino’s on Magnolia Avenue in Auburn will be demolished for a new mixed-use development featuring student housing and retail components as well as a parking deck. Chick-Fil-A is expected to be reentered in the design.

“We have formulated a new strategy to get all the car customers in and out of Chick-Fil-A without clogging all of the traffic on Magnolia Avenue,” says Auburn mayor, Ron Anders. “So once that development is in place, once Chick-Fil-A is back in place, we certainly believe that we have a better situation there to get people up and down Magnolia Avenue more efficiently.”

Mayor Anders says that he's excited for the growth but is also watching out for over-development.

“I’m very concerned about student housing growth in our community. I’m very concerned about the saturation point of that. My concern I have is what happens to all the old housing that students no longer live in and how does that influence the services that we try to provide our citizens,” Anders says. “So, it’s something I’m very aware of. It’s something I’m working on as fast as I can with the staff to try to get a good inventory of what student housing looks like in our community. We’re also looking forward to the university providing guidance for us as to what the future of Auburn is with the enrollment and their own housing projections.”

And he's not the only one with concerns.

“I think it’s a great spot for student housing, that being said I don’t think I agree with the extreme growth that we’ve seen here in Auburn. I hate to see the gentrification that that’s occurring in the downtown area,” says Auburn University student, Kaitlyn Lawrence.

Construction on the new development is expected to take two years.

The development will include 201 residential units with 719 beds, and a separate resident-only vehicle entrance off Genelda Avenue will lead into the upper levels of the parking deck.

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