More storms in the days to come...

Isolated damaging wind gusts remain a possibility

Amanda: Monday afternoon forecast update

MONTGOMERY, Ala (WSFA) - An intense storm moved over the south side of Montgomery Monday afternoon, creating a small swath of downed trees and power lines. Fire Station 12 also suffered significant roof damage, likely the result of a “downburst” - a collapsing core of wind and water that falls from tens of thousands of feet in the sky, hits the ground and rapidly spreads out. These can create wind in excess of 60 mph in localized areas.

Expect more scattered thunderstorms in the days to come - the coverage of rain will stay elevated for the foreseeable future, as the pattern shifts from hot and mainly dry to less hot with intervals of rain. You know the drill - it won’t rain on everyone, and it won’t rain all day - these will be those random, “dumb luck” style showers and storms. But, like today, if you end up under the most intense storm cores, you could have some nasty lightning, gusty wind and torrential rainfall.

7 day forecast
7 day forecast (Source: WSFA 12 News)

In the tropics, things remain VERY quiet. In fact, to this point, this is one of the quietest hurricane seasons on record. But, September will likely offer an increase in tropical activity. We’ll be watching.

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