AHSAA approves play clock moving to 40 seconds this season

AHSAA approves play clock moving to 40 seconds this season
(Source: WAFF)

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - Week zero of the high school football season begins Thursday throughout the state of Alabama.

A new rule change may help or hinder teams heading into the season.

The AHSAA has ruled in favor of a 40-second clock instead of a 25-second play clock. The new rule will take effect at the end of each play.

The play clock will immediately be set to 40 seconds instead of waiting until the ball is spotted before the 25-second play clock began.

The change was made to quicken the pace of play.

“To have a more consistent pace of play in games,” said AHSAA director of officials Mark Jones. “We had some games last year where the ball was marked ready to play in 12 seconds after a play was dead, we had some games a couple of 30 seconds. So this creates a consistent pace of play for each game and give steams that want to run a hurry up offense. If they run right up the middle and the umpire gets the ball down and were set and ready to go, they can run that play that quickly.”

The high school football regular season begins Thursday.

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