Baptist Health opens center for addiction recovery

Baptist Health opens first center for addiction recovery

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) - Those who suffer from the painful grip of addiction now have a new option for treatment in the River Region. Montgomery-based Baptist Health recently opened its first ever center for addiction recovery. Tuesday they held an open house.

“Doing addiction treatment is very intense it isn’t a cough and cold,” said Baptist Health Center for Addiction Recovery Director Dr. Jim Harrow.

Harrow says this center is taking a different approach to addiction treatment. To his knowledge the nearest place offering full services like this is in Birmingham at UAB.

“We are providing the hub and spoke model of addiction treatment which is going to be addiction, medical, behavioral, psychiatric, referral to a hospital, specialty care, all of those things. That is not being done anywhere,” said Harrow.

While the center does offer medication-assisted service, it is not a residential service. It is, however, open to non-insured, under-insured, Medicare, Medicaid and court-ordered as well as those with private insurance coverage.

“One in 10 people are actually seeking treatment and receiving treatment. What happens to the other 90 percent and we hope to change that to some degree," said Harrow.

The services provided will include:

• Inpatient withdrawal management

• Hospital consultations

• Outpatient medication-assisted treatment with attention to coexisting medical and co-occurring psychiatric disorders

The Council on Substance Abuse believe what Baptist Health is doing will be a tremendous help with their recovery support efforts.

“A lot of the members we encounter do not have access to that so that will be a great addition,” said COSA Program Manager Ricky Wilson.

Wilson says this could also play a role in tackling the opioid crisis.

“Opioid over is a national issue and here in Alabama we have the highest prescription rate in the nation," said Wilson.

With the Opioid Assistance Project COSA is involved with they do expect even the number of people that serve to increase.

“We roughly serve between 400 and 500 people, but with the addition to the opioid statewide project we are expecting that to grow tremendously,” said Wilson.

The Baptist Health Center for Addiction Recovery started accepting patients back in June. Currently they see between 10-12 patients daily with a single practitioner. They are hoping to add another practitioner to serve more people soon.

“It has taken thousands of deaths to wake us up and say we have an epidemic of addictive disease and that neglect has got to stop," said Harrow.

Center for Addiction Recovery is located at 4371 Narrow Lane Rd, Suite 202, Montgomery, AL 36116. The phone number is 334-747-7742.

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