Fusion Center works to reduce threats to Ala. schools

The Alabama Fusion Center reminds people to tell law enforcement about suspicious activity online

Alabama Fusion Center keeping track of school threats

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) - Alabama has a system in place to help schools know whether threats made against them are real or fake. The Alabama Fusion Center was created by the state and works with local and federal governments to monitor and deter such crimes.

Fusion Center Director Jay Moseley said, for example, an Alabama school was recently threatened through social media. The Fusion Center was able to determine the threat came from outside the state.

“It came to our attention. It wasn’t in Alabama, but it was passed along to the right Fusion Center, and they were able to track something down,” Moseley said. He explained they rely on law enforcement and the public to tell them if they see suspicious activity on social media.

“Because it’s impossible for a handful of analysts who are trained in that to be able to pick up on that. So we rely on law enforcement and the public for ‘if you see something do something,’" he said.

The Alabama Fusion Center helps train school resource officers on how to notice when students could show potential problems.

"A lot of times it’s training on what to look for. What behaviors to look for to identify when someone is being bullied or when it’s showing signs of maybe suicidal signs, or when kids are not feeling well. Some of these identifiers that could help us early on before it makes it to a threat level.”

Moseley said there were just over 1,600 threats across the United States during the 2018-19 school year ranging from guns brought on campus to bomb threats to actual school shootings.

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