Crash data expert takes stand in reckless murder trial

Deadly street racing trial continues

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) - The Montgomery reckless murder trial closes in on day three of testimony and expects to go into week two.

Ladarious Laffitte is charged for the death of Ashley Perkins in a 2017 high-speed crash.

Lengthy cross-examination of the case agent consumed the majority of the day. The defense attorney, Wesley Pitters, probed the case agent about who had the right of way prior to the crash and whether the concrete gore dividing the entrance created an illegal left turn, which the officer denied. Pitters spent a great deal of time working to determine whether Laffitte was denied an opportunity to obtain an attorney prior to giving a statement to police, which he declined.

Late Thursday, the state called its expert witness, Dr. Joey Parker, who specializes in accident reconstruction and “black box,” or vehicle crash recovery, data.

The jury learned that nearly every car manufactured since 2012 collected data regarding speed, brakes, and nearly every major automotive function.

The state took the data from Laffitte’s 2016 Dodge Challenger and asked Parker to share his analysis. Parker stated Laffitte was driving 137 miles per hour five seconds before the crash, which escalated to 144 miles per hour 1.7 seconds prior to impact. The data also showed Laffitte engaged his brakes 1.2 seconds before he collided with a 2007 Lexus sedan. Parker’s calculations showed 240,000 pounds of force was exerted in the collision resulting in the Lexus being split in half.

Pitters will cross examine Parker on Friday.

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