License plate cameras watching McCalla neighborhood

License plate cameras watching McCalla neighborhood

McCalla, Ala. (WBRC) - License plate readers once meant to help law enforcement are now popping up in neighborhoods here in Alabama.

Drivers are now on notice in Letson Farms. A few months ago, the homeowners association installed two Flock safety license plate reading cameras to take pictures of cars coming into the McCalla subdivision.

"As the car goes by its capturing that car then we can use that data so if something goes on in the neighborhood, we’re able to go back and filter out time periods or car types and do further investigation through the police,” Jacquice Boyd, a board member of the Letson Farms homeowners association said.

The motion-activated cameras take pictures every few seconds 24/7 and uploads them to the cloud. The system also keeps a check of how many times cars enter the neighborhood.

Boyd can look at the pictures on an app. She says some of her neighbors initially had privacy concerns. We’re told a handful of people in the community and law enforcement have access to the system.

"We’re not just sitting there looking at the camera all day. It’s just there. So privacy wise no one knows when you going and coming but if a crime happens we have that data,” Boyd said.

Boyd says so far the cameras are working to combat crime. Over the years in Letson Farms, there’s been car break ins, a home invasion and earlier this year a woman was shot and killed during a domestic dispute. Despite that, Boyd says Letson Farms is a safe community. She says having an extra set of eyes makes things even safer.

The Flock safety cameras are in neighborhoods in over 30 states and 300 cities. The company says it’s helping to solve at least two crimes a day. The HOA owns the footage. All the data is deleted after 30 days.

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