Hurricane Dorian now a Category 2

Sustained winds have increased to 105 mph

Hurricane Dorian strengthens into a Cat 2

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) - The newest update from the National Hurricane Center shows Dorian has strengthened into a Category 2 hurricane with sustained winds of 105 mph. Continued strengthening is nearly certain as the storm moves northwest over the next few days. It’s moving over an area with deep oceanic heat content (not only is the SURFACE of the ocean warm, but that warm water extends deep into the ocean), low wind shear and limited dry air.

Here’s the latest NHC track:

Hurricane Dorian Track
Hurricane Dorian Track

The big trend today has been for a slower movement as the storm arrives in Florida; note that the NHC track now calls for a landfall late Monday. Confidence is high in a major hurricane strike along the East Coast of Florida. After that, though, steering currents weaken, and the storm will move slowly and erratically. Translation - it is nearly impossible at this time to predict where the storm will move after the initial landfall. It could drift westward into the northeastern Gulf of Mexico, it could meander northward towards south Georgia and slowly fizzle out, or it could even lag back northeast towards the Carolina coastline.

Dorian Track Extension
Dorian Track Extension

Bottom line - there’s no need for anyone in Alabama to be overly concerned about Dorian at this point. Enjoy your holiday weekend, let us worry about Dorian, and check back for updates - which we will be pushing constantly!

As for back home, it feels about as nice as Summer can feel! A brief but pleasant shot of less muggy air has arrived and will be our welcome guest for the next day or so. No complaints here. The lower humidity will not only keep it feeling comfortable, it will also keep rain coverage near zero tonight, tomorrow and tomorrow night. Expect great weather for our Friday Night Fever games across Alabama, with temperatures dropping from the 80s into the 70s with low humidity and, unlike last week, no rain.

A few pop-up showers and storms become possible Saturday, Sunday and Monday, as humidity levels slowly increase. Not enough to cancel plans over, but coverage will be elevated so remember to keep you First Alert weather app nearby if you plan on being outside this holiday weekend!

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