Rep. Brooks says Huntsville may not get Space Command HQ

Rep. Brooks says Huntsville may not get Space Command HQ
Rep. Mo Brooks spoke about Huntsville's chances of being part of U.S. Space Command. (Source: WAFF)

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - The U.S. Space Command is official. The Pentagon established the new command under the Air Force umbrella Thursday.

Space Command will oversee and coordinate national security operations in space.

Huntsville is in the running for its headquarters, vying with five other spots. One is in California while the other four are in Colorado.

After President Donald Trump’s announcement, Rep. Mo Brooks said Huntsville’s chances may not be so great for its headquarters, but the Rocket City will still be a part of the equation, perhaps in the form of the space development agency.

“It is the entity that will end up cutting the checks. It’s similar to the Army Materiel Command where everything that is purchased by the United States Army goes through the Army Materiel Command here on Redstone Arsenal," said Brooks. “There are people in Washington who are strongly suggesting we are well positioned for the space development agency.'

As with everything in Washington, there is a political side and a practical side to determine if Huntsville is the right fit.

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