BBB: Tips for picking out the right daycare

What to consider when picking a day care

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) - For parents, this can be a very tough decision. There are plenty of things you should consider when picking out a day care.

The Better Business Bureau says the most important thing you need to do, is do your homework.

"You should ask family, friends, and coworkers for recommendations as to potential places where your child might enjoy being taken care of during the day,” said David Smitherman with the Better Business Bureau.

Once you have a few day cares in mind, the Better Business Bureau recommends you go visit several of them in person. Make sure you're aware of monthly payments, deadlines and any other fees. Also check in see what the protocol is if your child is hurt.

And when you visit the day cares, trust your gut.

“Visit them and ask to meet the staff. How are they selected? What qualifications do they have? What is the staff to child ratio?” Smitherman adds.

You can also check and see what other people think about it. The Better Business Bureau website allows you to search by company for comments and reviews.

Another thing you should do, make sure the facility is licensed by the state and it carries appropriate liability insurance.

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