Property near Prattville High School rezoned despite opposition

Prattville rezoning passed despite opposition

PRATTVILLE, Ala. (WSFA) - There was disagreement Tuesday over a rezoning proposal in Prattville. The city council heard from those in favor of and against rezoning property located at 1324 Upper Kingston Road to R-5 (Patio Garden Homes).

During a public hearing before a vote was taken nearly a dozen residents addressed the council with their concerns. A hot button issue for many was about traffic congestion, given the proximity of the property to Prattville High School.

“My biggest concern when I am home is watching the amount of high school kids who speed through our neighborhood to get in the parking lot quicker. Coming up Martin Luther King to Moses and then Upper Kingston Road is really congested. It is dangerous. There are no sidewalks on either one of those through ways to the high school. When you put that many houses in there will be more cars,” said Robert McGonagle.

McGonagle, who has lived in Kingston Oaks for more than 15 years, says traffic isn’t the only worry.

“The value of the homes. I just want them to be more commensurate with the housing in that area," said McGonagle.

Despite residents bringing forth their concerns the resolution passed with at 4 to 3 vote by the council.

Prior to the vote District 6 Councilwomen Lora Boone shared what she learned from local real estate appraisers.

“Your home values are going down right now because there is no growth. This proposed new neighborhood will bring up your values," said Boone.

While this wasn’t the outcome many were hoping for, ones like McGonagle are staying optimistic.

“I hope it is not just approved to build the houses there without taking into consideration a lot of the other concerns we have with the traffic and safety of the children," said McGonagle.

Scott Stephens, Prattville’s Director of planning and development says this is part of expanding on Dawson’s Mill subdivision. The land surrounding the rezoned property off Kingston has already had phases 1, 2, and 3 approved. That portion of land will have 109 lots and construction is expected to start soon.

The next step in the legal process involves annexing the property which was approved for rezoning Tuesday. That’s expected to be voted on at the council’s next meeting.

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