County Road 12: Plenty of buzz around Lowndes County church

County Road 12: Bees in church

FORT DEPOSIT, Ala. (WSFA) -There’s a lot of buzz over a building that’s almost 200 years old in Lowndes County.

The building, built in 1832, belongs to Snow Hill Christian church in the town of Mt. Willing.

The pastor says he has big plans for this building.

“I would like to see it renovated and restored, with slave galleries, so we can teach our children about the past,” said Pastor Dale Braxton.

During that time period African American worshipers had to sit up in the balcony in what they called the slave gallery. An ugly and painful part of Alabama history, but one pastor Braxton wants to have told. He’s ready to get these renovations going, but first they have to take care of a little issue.

“You can just look up and see the bees everywhere,” said Braxton.

This isn’t a do it yourself project, Braxton called in the pros.

“Without honeybees humans can only live for about five years because without pollination, we have no food,” said bee removal expert Stacy VanDortrecht.

Stacy and her husband own S&B Apiaries. She’s very familiar with bee removal projects. This one, is a big one. She says there are two hives in the wall of the church in different places, that could be six or seven feet long.

“My average job I get stung 10 to 20 times, so we will definitely walk away with some stings Saturday,” VanDortrecht said.

To make things even trickier, they will have to get to the bees from the outside so they can preserve the and carved wooden walls inside. The church hasn’t been used in years, but there are pews, and alter and some old organs inside. If you do go inside and get real quiet, you’ll realize you’re not alone.

"All I can tell you is she had me put my ear to the wall and you can hear the hum,” said Braxton.

We tried it too, and yes you can hear thousands and thousands of bees buzzing. So this Saturday Stacy and her team are going to work on removing one hive and then safely getting the bees back to their nursery in Millbrook.

If you want to watch or volunteer to help you can join them at Snow Hill Christian Church - 10336 AL-21, Fort Deposit, AL 36032.

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