Enterprise city clerk resigns, councilors start budget talks

Resignation of Enterprise city clerk accepted

ENTERPRISE, Ala. (WSFA) - Enterprise city leaders dealt with changes in leadership and budget talks Monday.

During a special called board meeting, the council accepted the resignation of city clerk/treasurer Robert Dean Jr. The council appointed assistant clerk Beverly Sweeney as the interim clerk.

City leaders couldn’t give specifics on this resignation, only that is was voluntary. Mayor Bill Cooper says he was surprised by Dean’s decision to resign.

According to the city’s website, the position of city clerk/treasurer meant Dean was responsible for overseeing the Revenue Department, Census Information, Council Meetings, Municipal Codes, and Audits.

Cooper said despite the resignation the city is still on track with getting finances in order.

“It means we had to possibly turn to others. All of us have had some experience and we have people on staff who are capable of helping get the budget together,” said Cooper.

Following the special meeting, city councilors went into executive session before starting budget talks.

Monday was the first time department heads presented their budget needs to the council and it was the first time councilors had a chance to look at the budget in its entirety.

“The council will obviously comb through the budget, look line by line and see where we are. Are we over budget in some areas? Under budget in some areas? Where can we cut - where do we need to add? That’s a decision they have to make and we do a good job of staying within the boundaries of what they set,” said Jason Wright, Communications Director.

Department heads from law enforcement to Public Works submitted requests.

Enterprise Police Department is requesting a 3 percent increase with their budget, with the money primarily going to purchase more vehicles for the department.

The communication department is requesting equipment upgrades for the Civic Center, including new projectors, screens, and a scissor lift. They are also requesting new tables and benches for the Farmer’s Market.

The city’s engineering department discussed relocating Human Resources to a lower level, updates to street lights, getting new uniforms for employees, and adding a new bucket truck.

Airport officials requested funds to update the security system, equipment repairs, upgrades to the fuel system for planes, and a new crew car to transport visiting officials.

The city council is expected to make a final decision by their next meeting this month no later than their first October meeting.

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