MPS teachers could get up to $1000 for classroom learning projects

MPS teachers could get up to $1000 for classroom learning projects

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) - More than $100,000 is about to go directly to Montgomery Public Schools classrooms. The Central Alabama Community Foundation is partnering with an organization called DonorsChoose to help teachers buy the supplies they need for learning projects.

“Teachers unfortunately don’t have all the resources at their fingertips to supply the needed curriculum or the added ciriculum that they want to give the students, and so this gives them that,” said Burton Crenshaw, President of the Central Alabama Community Foundation. “They don’t have to worry about paying out of pocket. So many teachers pay out of their own personal pockets for supplies for their classrooms. We’re going to take care of that for them. This way, they can add that extra level of education that our students so deserve and the teachers want to give it to them,”

The money is coming from the Central Alabama Community Foundation’s Montgomery Public Schools endowment find, which is designated specifically for teacher mini grants. DonorsChoose is matching the money in that fund to give out a total of $132,800.

“Teachers will come up with a project, whether its a reading program, science, STEM, whatever the teacher wants that they don’t have the resources to provide otherwise,” Crenshaw explained. “They’ll just put this project together, load all the particulars, onto the donorschoose platform, and then once everything is set and ready to go, they will be approved, and everything will be purchased and shipped directly to the teachers,”

The website to submit project ideas won’t go live until September 20. CACF is announcing the mini-grants now to give teachers time to think through their projects and everything they need for them.

“Just click on that link, and it will take them step by step on how they upload, they'll write a brief essay about what their project is all about, they'll upload the different materials they need, curriculum, whatever they need,” Crenshaw said. “Then we'll start buying supplies and shipping them out. Teachers will be informed all along the way as to where their project is in the pipeline, if there's any questions, and once it's been approved and materials are purchased.”

DonorsChoose is a crowdfunding platform which has vetted and fulfilled more than 1.3 million classroom project requests that range from butterfly cocoons, to robotics kits, to copies of the book “Little House on the Prairie”.

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