County Road 12: Barber shop owner has ‘Too Much Sauce’

County Road 12: Barber Shop Shoe Store

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) - Anthony Arrington opened up his barber shop in 2017. He loves cutting hair and he’s also pretty passionate about something else.

Arrington’s hoping you literally look good from head to toe when you leave his shop. That’s why he created Too Much Sauce.

"We started off selling Reeboks and things of that nature,” said Arrington. “When the business grew, I was like, I need to start buying Jordan’s because those are the most expensive and I can get a better return on them."

He goes all over the place searching for the most popular and hard to find shoes. He’s camped out, waited in long lines, pretty much whatever it takes to buy the hottest athletic shoes out there. He has his favorites.

“These are the Satin Ones (Jordan’s), these are the ones I camped out for. I bought them for $176 and now they’re valued at $1,100,″ said Arrington.

He says the Adidas Yeezy shoes worn by Kanye West are some hot sellers.

“They go for around $400,” Arrington added.

Arrington says being in the sneaker resale business is kind of like being a stock broker. You have to know which shoes will get better over time.

“All the Lebron shoes I buy I don’t resell them. I’m saving them until he retires. That’s when I will put them on the market.” said Arrington.

He’s all smiles at work, where you can get a fresh cut and some new kicks, all in the same place.

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