Nice weekend, but heat cranks up again soon

No sign of widespread rain, so Alabama’s drought will likely worsen before getting better

Amanda: Friday evening forecast update

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) - After days of record-breaking heat and little (if any) rain, today was a treat! Temperatures this morning dipped into the seasonable 60s, and afternoon highs have warmed into the 80s. I know what you are thinking: 80s in September don’t scream fall, but compared to triple digit heat it feels great. Factor in lower humidity, and this is a wonderful way to head into the weekend...

A strong ridge of high pressure is responsible for this forecast - drier air coming in from the east has allowed dew point across parts of central Alabama to drop into the 40s! That means we will effectively cool things off after the sun sets tonight; overnight lows will continue to fall into the 60s statewide tonight, so when you walk out the door Saturday morning you will be greet by cool and comfortable conditions.

Our quiet weather pattern continues, which is good for outdoor plans but bad for our current drought situation. Our state is parched, we need rain badly. Here is the updated drought monitor graphic...

Short and long term forecasts point to this situation actually getting worse through the end of the month.

Our break from the extreme heat will last through the weekend... expect dry, very warm afternoons that feature abundant sunshine and nights that are clear, comfortably cool and maybe even a little bit crisp!

A quiet weather weekend is good news for college football games that are happening close to home.

Weather images
Weather images (Source: WSFA 12 News)

Next week, the heat will return; afternoon temperatures will crank back up into the mid and upper 90s as the upper ridge builds. While a few showers are possible, many spots will likely remain mostly dry all of next week.

The weekend forecast looks good, but we will heat up by next work week...
The weekend forecast looks good, but we will heat up by next work week... (Source: WSFA 12 News)

Tropical Update: Humberto is now a “post-tropical cyclone,” meaning it has lost tropical characteristics but is still producing wind, rain and rough surf over the open waters of the north Atlantic. The remnants of Imelda are bringing catastrophic flooding to southeast Texas, reminiscent of Harvey’s historic flooding a couple of years ago.

Jerry has strengthened into a hurricane; it is expected to curve north, then northeast, away from the United States. Bermuda could be hit by Jerry, so that bears watching.

There are also three areas of possible development, one in the Caribbean and two in the Atlantic, but the National Hurricane Center keeps their chances of developing low over the next 5 days. We’ll be watching!

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