Heat records fall, rain does not

Our overall weather pattern is not changing much...

Amanda: Wednesday evening forecast update

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) - The more things change, the more they stay the same - right? Hot and dry weather will top our headlines for the foreseeable future... the forecast for the next seven to ten days is one that will only help us slip even more into a drought, and it all because of a a stubborn, strong upper ridge of high pressure.

Over the next couple of days, afternoon highs will soar into the 95-100° range each day this week and those temps will last through the weekend, too.

Several records are in jeopardy, as our long hot Summer continues... we’re now up to 118 days of 90° heat this Summer, and we’ll add at least seven more to that number in the week ahead.

Hot, dry weather continues
Hot, dry weather continues (Source: WSFA 12 News)

So, the drought will get worse before things can get better. Wildfires will start and quickly expand, and the fire danger will steadily increase in the weeks to come; there may not be a formal water conservation orders, but as of Wednesday there is a outdoor burn bans in place.

It would be smart to start thinking about adjusting your lawn watering schedule to reduce water usage, and be very, very careful with cigarette butts, dragging chains, and/or anything else that could potentially start a fire along a roadway. And, if you don’t have to burn, don’t do it.

There’s evidence of a pattern change by next weekend - we could *potentially* see a transition to much cooler weather by the first weekend of October.

Record-breaking heat almost a guarantee over the next couple of days...
Record-breaking heat almost a guarantee over the next couple of days... (Source: WSFA 12 News)

But, it’s just too early to really put much stock in model solutions at this point, so we’ll mention it as a chance but wait for more information before diving into details.

There are three tropical systems that we are watching: Post Tropical Cyclone Jerry, Tropical Storm Karen and Hurricane Lorenzo. Jerry and Lorenzo will certainly not threaten the United States, and Karen probably won’t, either. The global pattern signals point to more tropical activity over the next few weeks. We’ll be watching!

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