Rep. Terri Sewell talks hot topics at town hall

Updated: Oct. 9, 2019 at 8:06 PM CDT
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LOWNDES COUNTY, Ala. (WSFA) - Congresswoman Terri Sewell was in Lowndes County Wednesday visiting constituents and addressing a wide variety of concerns.

Before diving into local topics, Congresswoman Sewell wanted to address the topic that has been making national headlines, President Donald Trump’s impeachment inquiry.

“I plan on following the facts where they lead me. I’m not pre-judging. It’s not my job to pre-judge, but it is my job to inquire, to give oversight,” said Sewell. “We are going to be steadfast and do this in a methodical, thoughtful, deliberative, and bipartisan manner.”

Healthcare was also on Sewell’s list of topics.

“We will review and take up HR-3 next week and the week after that. HR-3 is our answer to lowering prescription drug costs for all Americans,” she said. “We’re working on making sure we save our rural hospitals. We want to incentivize states like Alabama that did not expand Medicaid. I’m going to do my best to bring that incentive back.”

At the town hall meeting, Sewell also discussed the wastewater issues facing Lowndes County.

“We had a bill called the rural septic tank access act that we put in the farm bill that passed last year. That will allow in rural areas if you have decentralized wastewater treatment will allow people to get septic tanks and get grants from the federal government," she said. "There’s just too much bureaucracy. In America, on my watch, it’s unacceptable for rural Americans to not have adequate water and sewer. It’s a basic quality of life.”

Sewell says she’s laser-focused on doing the things that she was elected to do, and representing her district well.

Rep. Sewell hosts a Congress in Your Community Town Hall Meeting Tour every year, visiting each of the 14 counties in the 7th Congressional District.

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