Bike Safety: Sharing the road with Alabama bicyclists

Bike Safety: Sharing the road with Alabama bicyclists

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) - More and more people are using bicycles to get to and from work, to exercise, or just have fun, but there are many dangers on the roads for bicyclists.

A lot of drivers don’t know what to do when they come upon a person on a bicycle.

“Probably the biggest things that we see our cars passing us too closely,” says Montgomery Bike Club President Robert Traphan.

Traphan says members of the club have seen their share of close calls. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 783 bicyclists were killed in traffic crashes in the United States in 2017.

Many of these could have been prevented if drivers and cyclists follow the rules of the road, Alabama officials say.

In Alabama, you are supposed to give at least three feet of clearance when you pass a bike. By law, bicycles on the roadway are vehicles with the same rights and responsibilities as motorized vehicles.

“The bikes are going to try to act and behave like traffic on the road," Traphan says.

Sharing the road is a two way street. Traphan says both cyclists and motorists need to respect each other.

"Interact in a way that's safe and responsible," adds Traphan.

The Montgomery Bicycle Club will host the annual Glassner Challenge this weekend. It’s named after Dr. Jim Glassner who was killed in a cycling accident in 2001.

You’ll find information about the ride at this website. You can also find more bike safety tips at this website.

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