Council won’t vote on amendment to controversial panhandling ordinance

Members vote not to take action on panhandling ordinance

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) - The Montgomery City Council has decided not to vote on an amendment to a controversial panhandling ordinance.

In July, the council unanimously approved an ordinance aimed at stopping people from panhandling, but Mayor Todd Strange didn’t sign it because of possible legal troubles.

An amendment was on the council’s agenda Tuesday.

The amendment limits when you can give and take objects from people in a car. It would make it illegal for a pedestrian to give or take any object from someone in a vehicle on a public roadway. It would also make it illegal for the person in the car on the roadway to give or take any object from someone on the side of the public road.

There was controversy surrounding this amendment during the council’s work session Tuesday.

Supporters say this will help increase public safety. Others say it will squash free speech.

Because of the controversy, the council members decided they would carry the amendment over and not vote on it.

Strange said he would sign the ordinance if it includes the amendment because it would include penalties for both sides.

The amendment could come up again during the next council meeting.

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