County Road 12: Montgomery Zoo scarecrow takeover

County Road 12: Montgomery Zoo scarecrow takeover

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) - When you go to the Montgomery Zoo you will see all kinds of colorful creatures. Some are big, others cute and cuddly, and some may even be a little scary.

For the month of October there’s something new to see.

“Scarecrows were created for one reason, to keep crows out of corn fields and gardens." said Duane Mara with the Alabama Herb Society.

For years the Alabama Herb Society showed off scarecrows at Old Alabama Town. Then last year, it came up with something new. Audrey Mara thought a display at the zoo would be a perfect fit. Audrey spends a lot of time making these scarecrows.

“The herb society was doing the scarecrows in Old Alabama Town, so we got started with that,” said Audrey Mara with the Alabama Herb Society. "For my daughter and I, it got to be a challenge with each other, over who was going to do the most outlandish one.”

Audrey is pretty good at the outlandish ones. Some companies brought the supplies and she made them. She put together the WSFA scarecrow sports reporter, Baptist Health’s Doctor Crow, and plenty of others. She says the Montgomery Police Department did their own. The Mara’s think it’s a very fun and visual way to learn.

“A scarecrow is part of history, so that’s neat,” said Audrey

“How many kids have actually seen a scarecrow?" said Duane. "Not many city kids get to see a scarecrow.”

It’s not too late to join the fun. If you want to make a scarecrow to be displayed at the zoo you can contact Duane at" And if you don’t have the time this year, mark your calendar for October of 2020 where they hope to be back with a whole lot more scarecrows next year.

“She’s (Audrey) already talking about it for next year,” said Duane.

They are a husband wife team with a passion for scarecrows and sharing their love with others.

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