Testimony reveals more than 70 shots fired during deadly midtown house party

Reckless murder suspect appears in court

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) - It’s been more than a month since ASU student Alexis Moss was fatally shot at a house party on Spruce Street in midtown Montgomery. Despite having a suspect in custody, police don’t know who fired the fatal shot.

William Slater, 23, is charged with reckless murder, a count used when a suspect acts recklessly with an indifference to human life, and someone is killed.

During Slater’s preliminary hearing on Friday an officer said dispatch received calls about a barrage of gunfire at a house party on Spruce Street.

While police processed the scene, they located more than 70 spent shell casings that were fired by nine different weapons. The investigator said projectiles located in the area where the victim was shot matched Slater’s .40-caliber Glock. The officer testified that a spent shell from Slater’s handgun was tested earlier this year in an unrelated incident and the information was already in their database.

Police interviewed Slater who said he was at the party and had the weapon, but didn’t go as far to say he fired the shots. The defense argued no witness saw Slater at the scene nor saw him shooting. While the spent shells match his gun, the defense says the state can’t prove when they were fired.

The defense also called an eye witness to testify who said she watched another man pull a gun during an altercation which prompted the gunfire, and identified him by name.

The judge questioned the investigator about the evidence.

“You don’t have anything that ties his .40-caliber weapon to the bullet that killed the victim,” asked District Judge Tiffany McCord.

The state argued Slater didn’t have to be the shooter or the aggressor to be charged with reckless murder, and went further to say that anyone who fired a shot that night during the gunfight could be charged with reckless murder as well - as their reckless actions caused Moss’ death.

McCord didn’t rule on probable cause, instead she gave the state seven days to file caselaw to support their arguments.

Slater remains in jail on no bond. At the time of the shooting he was out on bond for an unrelated charge, the bond in that case was revoked after his reckless murder arrest.

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