Honors English teacher uses her favorite classic novel to provide timely lessons for her students

Class Act: Andrea Forrester

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) - Our Class Act teacher this week actually considered other careers like veterinary medicine and fashion designing. But now, she’s working with some of the best and brightest students in school.

“I didn’t discover that I wanted to be a teacher until I got into college and really started reflecting on the experience I had. The leadership positions that I was given in high school, some very influential teachers that I had, and my teaching in dance and all of that kind of prepared me for wanting to teach school,” said Andrea Forrester.

Forrester teaches Honors English and Advanced Placement Language and Composition at Prattville High School. She says all of her lesson plans have a similar goal in mind. She wants to help students understand the practical side of their assignments. She says the themes in one of her favorite classic novels can even be made relevant through their classroom discussions.

Forrester said, “So we just finished ‘The Great Gatsby’ unit and we can really see how that connected to the American dream, immigration, the idea of being successful. We try to connect everything to real world issues.”

Andrea Forrester teaches Honors English at Prattville High School.
Andrea Forrester teaches Honors English at Prattville High School. (Source: WSFA 12 News)

She calls her classroom her “happy place” and says it’s all in good in here. She prides herself on being a part of her students’ support system and that includes being an example of what to do in class as well as in life.

“I work hard at my job so that I can enjoy time when I’m away from my job. And that’s what I impress upon them. Be productive while you’re here and that will make the rest of your day easier,” Forrester said.

She says she’s humbled and flattered by receiving the Class Act Award. And she says it reinforces everything she’s trying to do to prepare her students for whatever they want to do later in life.

Forrester says it takes a special person to give so much of yourself for the betterment of so many different people. But she also says it’s totally worth it!

Congratulations, Mrs. Forrester!

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