Auburn University program serving military families

Auburn University program serving military families

AUBURN, Ala. (WSFA) - Before kickoff Saturday, Auburn will recognize a program on campus that’s supporting our military members.

It’s called Military REACH, and it helps military families and those who work on their behalf, including the Department of Defense.

Dr. Mallory Lucier-Greer leads the Auburn Military REACH team.

“We think of ourselves as translators of information and of science," Lucier-Greer said.

The program’s goal is to bridge the gap between military family research and practice.

“Each year hundreds of studies across the country happen about the well-being of service members and their families. And so we have the opportunity at Auburn to identify those studies," Lucier-Greer said.

Once they identify those studies, a team of students and research professionals translate those studies into everyday language for military members.

“So we think through the lens of families, we think through the lens of helping professionals like therapists and then we think through the lens of policymakers. So we say, what what is it that they need to know from this study," Lucier-Greer said.

Their mission is to make research more accessible and practical for military families.

“So military families are first and foremost families, that they deal with the same things that other families deal with. Marriage is hard, parenting is hard. And then on top of this, there’s deployments and transitions," Lucier-Greer said.

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