Class Act winner uses sight, sound and encouragement to connect with students

Class Act: Elke Hendrix

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) - Our Class Act teacher this week works with special education students.

While they may have special needs, Elke Hendrix gives them special attention with love, singing and dancing and lots of energy.

“Keep my head up high” are the words to the song that starts the day in Elke Hendrix’s special ed class. She’s proud of the progress these students have made especially considering the challenges they face.

Hendrix says this job is not for everyone.

Elke Hendrix is this week's Class Act Teacher
Elke Hendrix is this week's Class Act Teacher (Source: WSFA 12 News)

“Everybody can’t do it. You have to have patience and understanding. And compassion about the children,” said Hendrix.

She’s taught for many years, but this is the first for Hendrix at Blount Elementary School and she’s already making quite an impression.

“She’s very dedicated. She’s very compassionate. She just gives way beyond and above to help the boys and girls in her classroom,” said interim principal Janice Harvey.

Hendrix says her biggest challenge may be trying to find a good plan that works for each student. When it works, Hendrix says it’s super rewarding.

“When it all comes together. They get excited to know they can do. They want to do it. They want to learn. They’re excited about it and so that gives me joy.”

The work and encouragement are non-stop.

“Give yourselves a one-two!”

Even when it looks like they’re just having fun, the instruction is happening so the students are always learning.

And so is their dedicated teacher.

“As a teacher you’re always learning. You’re always giving. You’re always just trying to be a better ‘you’ so they can be better with you,” said Hendrix.

Congratulations, Elke Hendrix, on being selected the Class Act Teacher of the Week!

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