'Vehicle for change’: Food truck owner hires veterans to prevent homelessness in Colorado

AURORA, Colo. (KCNC/CNN) - A U.S. Army veteran and food truck owner in Colorado is doing his part to help other veterans try to avoid homelessness by training them in the culinary arts.

Michael Gropper, who spent eight years as a food service specialist in the U.S. Army, knows how to make a good sandwich. He also knows how to take care of his soldiers, even after they leave the service.

"You know, I always believed that when you're discharged from service, you're not discharged from each other, and it's sad to see other veterans struggling. If I could create something to give them opportunities, why not?” Gropper said.

So, Gropper created the Full Battle Rattle Deli, a food truck that provides Brooklyn-style sandwiches to the people of Aurora, Colo., and jobs for his fellow veterans.

"It gives them an opportunity to get on their feet. We're not just a food truck. We're a vehicle for change,” Gropper said.

The food truck works with the non-profit organization Culinary Arts Boot Camp for Veterans to provide free culinary training to homeless veterans and those in transition, according to its website.

If customer reviews are any indication of what kind of cooks these veterans will make, they’re going to soar.

“They love it. They love the love that’s in the food. They love the cause. They love the sandwiches. It’s just a great experience,” Gropper said.

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