Candidates speak day before special election for state house seat

Candidates speak day before special election for state house seat

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) - A general election will be held for the district 74 state house seat.

The two candidates vying for the seat are Republican Charlotte Meadows and Democrat Rayford Mack. The seat was left vacant after the passing of Dimitri Polizos.

Meadows has a background in business and education, having co-founded Montgomery’s first charter school.

“I do think my values are something that most of the district would understand," she said. "That we have core values, that I would work to make sure that my values are the values of the district.”

Mack is a political newcomer and is focused on education and health care, wanting to expand Medicaid.

“Everybody’s concerned about education, everybody’s concerned about healthcare, everybody wants a safe environment to go to work and to raise their families," he said.

Meadows believes it's her background in education that makes her the best candidate for the job.

“I’ve also worked, been involved in healthcare and education policies so those are two things that I think will serve me well in the legislature, and I hope to be able to bring my skills and my experience to the voters of district 74,” she said.

But Mack says the city’s current policies aren’t working and that he’s the change district 74 needs.

“Go into this office with the knowledge and the desire to help all people, not special interest groups, not Republicans, not Democrats, but for the people of Alabama,” he said.

The general election for the district 74 state house seat is Tuesday, and the winner of the race will take office immediately.

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