County Road 12: Lake Martin Machine Gun

County Road 12: Lake Martin machine gun

ECLECTIC, Ala. (WSFA) - When it comes to activities at Lake Martin, there’s more than just boating. We found a place with some serious firepower. David and Jodie McGirt opened Lake Martin Machine Gun a few years ago.

“The ownership of machine guns is somewhat expensive in this modern age," said David McGirt. "So I used to buy and sell machine guns for other people and I would see them locked in a safe never to be seen again.”

You can see them now. At Lake Martin Machine Gun they want to give you the rare chance to fire one of these weapons and also teach you a few things along the way.

“A large part of the experience is you get a history lesson of all the firearms we have for people to shoot. We have 27 different machine guns from World War I to modern age.”

This isn’t just for the boys. Jodie is not only an instructor but also a competitive shooter.

“We have a lot of ladies that come in," said Jodie McGirt. "We have some younger ladies too, as young as 15.”

So you can use their machine guns or bring your own guns to use on the shooting range. They host corporate events and parties, and a lot of the people who visit have very little gun experience.

“The majority of what you get is that machine gun grin," said David. "When they turn to their friends or take pictures and get a big grin like that was a cool experience.”

“The biggest thing for me is safety," said Jodie. "What is your responsibility as a gun owner? How do you manage and maintain it safely? It’s really about having fun and preparing yourself to be your own first responder.”

It’s a combination of gun safety, gun history, and when you nail that target, some big “machine gun” grins.

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