‘I’m not going to stop’: Mother of Aniah Blanchard pleads for information in daughter’s kidnapping

Blanchard family sits down with WSFA as search continues

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) - Angela Harris remains a force in the search for her missing daughter Aniah Blanchard. More than 20 days after Blanchard’s disappearance, she’s still pushing for answers.

“I’m just going to keep on, I’m not going to stop,” said Harris said. “I want my baby back, I had Aniah on my birthday, we’ve always had a special bond.”

Blanchard isn’t just her daughter, she’s her best friend. Every moment that passes adds a weight to an already unbearable situation.

“We talked every day at least three to four times a day,” Harris explained. “We didn’t just talk, we FaceTimed, we had to see each other.”

What makes these difficult days even harder - knowing someone has intel about daughter’s disappearance. She’s pleading for that information.

“Nothing is moving fast enough for me - or for her,” she said. “I want her to be alive, if she’s out there, we have to get to her.”

Harris retraced Blanchard’s last known steps countless times. Blanchard and her brother returned to Auburn late Wednesday after a family event in North Alabama. She dropped her brother off at home and stopped at a convenience store on South College Street in Auburn to pick up some chips. Surveillance video showed her walking through the store, the last time she was seen in public. Police believe she was abducted outside by Ibraheem Yazeed, who’s been charged with first-degree kidnapping.

“This is a feeling i can’t even describe,” Harris sobbed. “I feel like I don’t even have a heart. It’s like it’s gone – like it’s been ripped out. I’m just a shell of a human being, but I’m trying to be strong for her.”

Since the day Blanchard went missing, Harris and her husband Walt knew something wasn’t right. Harris describes Blanchard as a homebody who always wanted a snack before bed, a ritual she’s had since she was a little girl. They believe she was stopping for a snack before heading home for the night.

“In two years of babysitting, she never once missed a day,” Harris said of Blanchard’s daily responsibilities, stating when she didn’t show up for work it was a red flag.

Blanchard was also keenly fond of her dog, Blue, who she cared for daily in Auburn. Harris said she’d been planning Blue’s birthday party for months. It fell a week after she was reported missing.

For Harris, her mother’s intuition kicked in before this incident.

“A couple of months after she was down there we went down to visit,” Harris explained. “I don’t know, something came over me. I said, ‘Aniah I’m scared - I’m scared for you,’ but of course I had to let her live her life, she was happy, she was going to school, working, and had her dog.”

Harris’s life is now consumed with searching for Blanchard and pleading for information on where to find her.

“That’s the only thing that got me up today," said Harris. “That’s all I have, I have to do it for her.”

If you have any information on where police can locate Aniah Blanchard, call 334-215-STOP.

Mother of Aniah Blanchard pleads for information in daughter’s kidnapping

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