Flag football is how one family hopes to stop violence

Flag football is how one family hopes to stop violence
Flag football is how one family hopes to stop violence

MADISON, AL (WAFF) - Friends and family threw some touchdowns before the turkey, in the hopes of spreading an important message

Kausha Edwards tells us that every Thanksgiving her brother Ryan could be found with a football in his hand.

So she’s continuing that tradition in Madison with a flag football game, but along with it she’s pushing a strong message.

“Murder is so much different than any other death. Its like somebody being snatched from you and you’re never prepared for it,” said Kausha Edwards.

Ryan Mcphee was stabbed to death in Sacramento California in 2010. His sister Kausha says he was standing up to a childhood bully.

When he could have left and went with his friends, he chose to stay there and make sure that his friend wouldn’t end up hurt.

Now Kausha says she’s committed to do her part in stopping violence among youth. So she created R.Y.A.N., a nonprofit which stands for Reaching Youth Across Nationalities.

“I realized it was time to bring it to fruition and stop being scared of you know the death, and the fear of losing him and having to relive those moments,” said Edwards, R.Y.A.N. creator.

Speaking of moments, here is one Kausha didn’t expect, Her son Eliysha Richardson is in the Air Force, but he showed up just to surprise his mom.

“Oh I mean that makes it all worth it. You know I mean at the end of the day we all love surprises and I love surprising my mom,” Eliysha Richardson, Kausha Edwards son.

Richardson says his late Uncle Ryan was like a brother to him.

“He kind of shaped me into the man that I am. So when it came to my daughter and my wife that’s when I was like okay. What would my uncle do. He would tell me to step up,” said Richardson.

Edwards says she hopes people will stop and think before taking someone’s life.

“Every single day we turn on the news we are faced with someone being taken from someone. And you don’t understand that feeling until it happens to you, lets come together as a community and stop all the violence,” said Edwards.

If you’d like to get involved with R.Y.A.N., you can call Kausha Edwards at 256-777-20207.

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