Community members say their goodbyes to Sheriff ‘Big John’ Williams

Community says their goodbyes to Sheriff ‘Big John’ Williams

HAYNEVILLE, Ala. (WSFA) - Sunday at Hayneville Middle School members of the Lowndes County community paid their respects to slain Lowndes County Sheriff John Williams, lovingly known as Big John. Over the past week, we’ve been seeing and hearing just how big of an impact Sheriff Big John Williams had on the area.

“Growing up in Lowndes County, you know Big John,” said Lowndes County resident, Jay Coleman.

“John was the best you’ll see and the best that will be. Nobody will replace John,” said Kinzell Bowlling.

Hundreds of people have come through Hayneville Middle School to pay their respects, and everyone has pretty much the same story, saying that Big John was someone that everyone loved.

“Big John was the type of person that demanded respect and he gave respect. He was a guy that although he was the highest law enforcement officer in Lowndes County, he wasn’t above the people. He was always among the people and that’s why everybody knew Big John. You can look at the outpouring and love of the people who’s here now as a representation of the type of person that Big Jon was,” Coleman said.

Family members say that the community may never be the same, but they will heal.

“Great citizens like Big John set an example that we must grab on to while they’re here and hold on to those memories and what they meant to us into the future and we have to always come to our young people about what great leadership does and what they’re responsibility is in the aftermath of that,” Big John’s nephew, Ron McCarden, said.

Funeral services will be held Monday at 11 a.m. at the Garrett Coliseum.

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