Tide fans call social media criticism against Alabama kicker unfair

Tide fans call social media criticism against Alabama kicker unfair
Source: Pixabay

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Alabama’s loss to Auburn has many Tide fans sad and angry.

Some people are directing their anger to one person in particular. WBRC showed Mekia Haywood some of the posts directed to Alabama kicker Joseph Bulovas.

“This is horrible, this is horrible,” is how she described some of the criticisms.

Twitter and Facebook exploded when he missed a potential game tying kick late in the fourth quarter. Some posts suggested Bulovas should lose his scholarship, he wasn’t any good or that he should kill himself.

“They take this too far. This is horrible. You don’t say this to nobody. They could commit suicide with all this. This is too much,” Haygood continued. “I think that was not good to blame him like that cause they’re not on the field. I know a lot of fans are upset. But like I said they take it too far.”

Many of these negative posts came Saturday after the game. On Sunday, Bulovas apologized to Crimson Tide fans for not making the kick.

“They need to support him. I mean he’s human. People are going to make mistakes. He’s in a high-pressure situation and they want him to produce,” Bobby Fuller went on to say.

WBRC reached out to several people who posted negative messages against Bulovas. Only one responded and they declined to comment.

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