Georgiana residents welcome change coming to exit 114

More changes coming to I-65 exit in Georgiana

GEORGIANA, Ala. (WSFA) - Nancy Fountain runs the Midco Chevron at the 114 exit off Interstate 65 and never quite understood the changes ALDOT made to begin with but is mighty relieved the latest change coming will help solve traffic issues once and for all: the installation of traffic lights.

“So many people are confused coming up that exit ramp and not having to stop. This the right route to take," said Fountain.

Georgiana mayor Jerome Antone signed the paperwork a few days ago, agreeing to be partly responsible for any maintenance on the new signals.

“That was the community’s main concern, someone getting hurt," said Mayor Antone.

Back in February, ALDOT changed the traffic flow which included taking out the stop signs at the top of the exit and placing them in both directions on state highway 106.

Even with the change, some drivers still seemingly get confused whether to stop or keep going.

“Just uncommon for people coming up that ramp that have a stop sign. When they get to the top of it, it’s not common," said Butler County Commissioner Darrell Sanders.

ALDOT is withholding any details for now about the coming traffic lights, saying, “ALDOT is currently working with local officials. Once plans are finalized, more information will be available.”

Local businesses say this should have been done a long time ago. The owner of Kendall’s Bar-b-que just across the highway, who declined to be part of this story today, told WSFA earlier he’s lost 50 percent of his business this year since ALDOT reconfigured the exit.

Fountain on the other hand says her business remained steady.

“It’s been about the same," said Fountain.

Mayor Antone is under the impression the traffic lights will go up shortly after the first of year. The sooner, the better for those who believe the new lights will help get exit 114 back on track.

Mayor Antone says he’s seen a small drop in his sales tax revenues as a result of the earlier changes this year because some drivers aren’t stopping at the nearby businesses.

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