UA studying sensory device that might help with weight loss

Weight Loss Sensory Glasses

TUSCALOOSA, Ala - A sensory device that could help you lose weight? That’s what researchers at the University of Alabama are studying.

Think of it like a fit bit, but instead of tracking how many calories you’re burning or how many steps you’re taking, it tracks how much and what you’re eating.

The sensor device is attached to a set of glasses that you wear. A UA researcher said when you wear the glasses it can then tell when you’re eating and when you chew.

Then it takes a picture of the food and the information is sent to the system. The internal computer system then uses that information to determine what kind of advice it can text to remind you of healthier eating habits.

For example, maybe it suggests that you don’t eat that slice of pizza , because you already had a burger earlier. “That’s what makes it personalized. We need to look at when you eat, what was the meal at that time, how much you eat and we analyze that before we provide any feedback,” said Dr. Edward Sazonov, UA Electric Computer Engineering Professor.

UA is teaming up with Brown and Boston University and other universities to complete this 2.5 million dollar weight loss sensory research.

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