Alabama ranked worst state for female entrepreneurs, business owner says she’s thriving

STUDY: Female entrepreneurs struggle in AL

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - More women-owned businesses are starting around the country than ever before, according to the United States Census Bureau. But, a new study claims Alabama isn’t the best place for female entrepreneurs to thrive.

In a stark contrast from a 2019 study by which found Alabama to be the fifth best state for women entrepreneurs.

In a 2020 follow-up study, Alabama falls to last place.

“I’m pretty surprised by that. I think that we have an extraordinary experience here in Alabama,” said Ashlee Ammons, President and Co-founder of Mixtroz.

Mixtroz is an app that helps people to do a better job of networking with people they might not usually collide with.

Ammons relocated her business from Nashville to Birmingham through an accelerator program.

"We found it to be a much more accepting place of diverse startups. Startups that are founded by colorful people both being a female and a minority. Because of that we are able come here and hustle and then thrive," said Ammons.

The study measured states by metrics including cost of living and tax rates. In 2020, the company added new criterion, such as reproductive rights and rates of violence against women which made the state plummet in rankings from the previous year.

“While in Birmingham, there are extraordinary things happening, we have an African-American mayor, so many diverse persons at the top of the chain here in Birmingham. But then elsewhere, it worries me a little because it does give potential entrepreneurs pause, specifically women, from relocating to Alabama,” said Ammons.

Ammons said her business is thriving. Watch the clip above to hear what improvements Ammons believes the state should make to not only recruit start-ups but retain them plus advice for aspiring entrepreneurs.

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