MPS approves LIFE Academy charter school application

MPS approves LIFE Academy charter school application

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) - The Montgomery County school board took a major step Tuesday night in approving the newest charter school in the city. School board members met for a special called meeting to talk about LIFE Academy’s charter application.

The item was the first on the agenda Tuesday night and the vote turned out to be five to two in favor of the application.

The approval means LIFE Academy founder Norma Chism can proceed with her dream of opening up the city’s second charter school. This one, she says, will be a little different; catering to children who come from difficult circumstances. The goal is to open by the fall of 2021. Chism plans to develop an elementary school and junior high school at the same time.

“The next step is we’ll be offered a contract that we’ll have to sit down with the legal team and have our people look at it as well. Our staff and our agents. We all have to understand what’s been asked of us because in the big scheme of things this is our charter and exactly what they’re expecting of us as far as our goals and objectives are. Overwhelming joy. I am so overwhelmed with joy that God allowed this opportunity to happen for us," said Chism who retired two years after more than 20 years in the military.

MPS will give the five-year contract to LIFE Academy Wednesday night. Chism, in turn, will have 60 days to look it over and sign it.

The two who voted against the LIFE Academy charter school application were school board members Dr. Brenda Coleman and Arica Smith. The two school board members also voted against the LEAD Academy charter application.

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