Major flooding in Macon County after heavy rain

Major flooding in Macon County after heavy rain

MACON COUNTY, Ala. (WSFA) - Emergency Management Agency officials in Macon county are assessing damage after heavy rains caused road flooding.

“Right now we currently have about 10 to 15 roads that are currently impacted,” said Macon County Engineer JD Smith.

Macon County officials are calling several roads in the area “impassable” after heavy rain caused major flooding. Now, the county is working on damage control.

“It has created a very serious problem,” said Macon County EMA Director Frank Lee.

"We do have to wait for the water to go down. As more water comes in and subsides there's going to be more issues that take precedent," Smith said.

Smith says that because of the work involved, it’ll be a pricey fix.

“Extremely costly. As it stands now, we won’t know until we put all those numbers in,” said Smith. “We learn things as we move and we will probably be upgrading and having to increase the pipe size to handle the capacity of this rain event.”

The roads will be barricaded until the water subsides. Officials say they’ve seen people driving around the barricades and that can be risky.

“It is dangerous passing through the moving water,” said District 1 County Commissioner Miles Robinson.

“There’s a current running through it and if you would stay out here longer the potential of it rising would probably occur. It’s a very dangerous situation. It creates a very serious problem,” Lee said.

County crews have been working after hours inspecting and addressing the flood damage to roads and bridges. They ask that everyone avoid roads that have been barricaded.

If you see a road that has a substantial amount of water, you’re urged to contact the EMA office.

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